Infinity Wetroom Channel Installed in Three Domestic Wetrooms

Hampshire Bathroom Design have recently installed three new wetrooms using Aquatecnic’s Infinity Wetroom Channel and Aquaproof Tanking System.

The Infinity Channel allows water to drain from the showering area by means of an almost invisible drainage slot: just an 8mm gap at the edge of the shower wall.

This high-grade stainless-steel channel is designed and manufactured in the UK and supplied together with a 42 litres per minute horizontal trapped waste, which is accessed through a “tiled-in” removable panel. The channel itself is supplied in a range of lengths and can even be custom fabricated to meet the client’s exact requirements.

The Infinity can be supplied as a “stand-alone” channel drainage system or in combination with the Aquatecnic Infinity Shower Tray Former. The formers are made from 24mm, sustainably sourced birch-ply and are perfectly sloped to ensure all water drains directly into the Infinity Channel.

In all three projects the use of the Infinity Wetroom Drainage System has helped to combine an efficient use of the available space with the latest in cutting-edge design.

The first project involved replacing a dated bathroom with a wetroom for a couple based in Borden near Linford. They needed the ease of access offered by a wetroom and achieved a clean, modern look, with grey wall tiles and cream floor tiles.

Infinity Wetroom Channel 1


The clients for the second project had seen a friend’s Aquatecnic Linear Channel wetroom (also installed by Hampshire Bathroom Design) and decided to follow suit. They loved the idea of a wetroom but wanted the finished look to be as minimalist as possible. Using the Infinity Channel and the expertise of Hampshire Bathroom Design, they have created a beautiful, elegant, walk-through shower.


Infinity Wetroom Channel 2


The third project was a small wetroom in Fareham which was in need of an upgrade. Here the Infinity Channel was perfect for creating a feeling of space, whilst the hinged shower screen helps to contain all splashes within the shower area.


Infinity Wetroom Channel 3


All three wetrooms were fully waterproofed using the Aquaproof Wetroom Tanking System, which has CE approval for use in wetrooms and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Mike Wigglesworth from Hampshire Bathroom Design has installed many Aquatecnic wetrooms in both domestic and commercial settings and knows the products to be reliable and long lasting. He has found the Infinity Drainage System to be easy to install and very popular with clients.