Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation with bespoke options – Whitby

This beautiful bathroom renovation with a clean look and matching bronze hardware was installed by PM Straw Builders Ltd, as part of a wider renovation across this scenic farmhouse property in Whitby. There were a couple of aspects to this job that made it more challenging than you’d think at first glance!

Area before and after bathroom renovation

Whitby bathroom renovation before

Whitby bathroom renovation after

Small Space Between the Floor Joists

Sometimes, in older properties you can run into unforeseen challenges. In this project there was a small space between the floor joints for the client to work around; we provided a waterless shower trap alongside our traditional shower tray former, which was just short enough to fit the space! The provided shower tray former was a bespoke design with a flat area at the back edge, allowing it to slot into the available space with ease. We offer bespoke/ made to measure options on our whole range of formers – whether small changes from standard stock sizes are required, to custom former shaping to fit even the most awkward space. You can find more information on made to measure shower tray formers here.

Colour-matched hardware

A further point of interest for this wetroom is the matching hardware – often crucial in delivering a sleek, modern shower area. In this instance the contractor requested that we match the colour of the grating to a door handle they provided. We successfully accommodated this request, ensuring a uniform look throughout. We can usually accommodate customer requests for all types of bespoke options that aren’t in our standard range, if you have any specific requests, just ask: we should be able to help!

Thanks to our bespoke options – what might have been a challenging project became a routine installation. We work closely with our approved installers to ensure each project delivers both aesthetically and functionally.