How to use Wetroom Tanking Kits

Wetroom Tanking Kits use the Aquaproof Wetroom Tanking system – which has been developed specifically to prevent leakage from wetroom areas and carry the CE mark relating to wetroom use. The system has a proven track record and has been specified many times by architects and used successfully in wet room projects both large and small.

All the Aquaproof products can be purchased separately, but to make purchasing easier and more cost effective, we provide Aquaproof Wetroom Waterproofing (Tanking) kits both for traditional and linear drains. These kits provide everything you need to waterproofing an average sized of wet-room (10sq.m) and have been priced very competitively.All Aquaproof products carry a 10 year guarantee.

To find the amount of waterproofing / tanking material you require to tank your wet room please refer to our Wetroom Waterproofing Materials Calculation Guide.

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To which surfaces can the Aquaproof Wet Room Tanking Kits Be Applied?

The Aquaproof system can be applied to wooden sheeting, plasterboard, MDF, concrete/screed and most commonly used construction boards, including Wedi and is ideally suited to being used with our Shower Tray Formers

The Aquaproof Wetroom Tanking (Waterproofing) Kits contain:

Aquaproof Primer

A special multi-surface primer for all absorbent substrates to be used prior to the application of Aquaproof Compound.

Wetroom Tanking Primer

Aquaproof Compound -Wetroom Tanking

A heavy duty liquid rubber waterproofing compound for waterproofing wet areas prior to application of ceramic tiles and other coverings.
Wetroom Tanking Compound

Aquaproof Tape -Wetroom Tanking

Elastic and strong jointing tape, for reinforcing all corners/joints and nail/screw heads.
Wetroom Tanking Tape

Pipe Sleeves -Wetroom Tanking

Aquaproof outlet sleeves have a pre-made elasticated hole to seal around water inlet pipes.

Wetroom Tanking Pipe Sleeves

Shower Outlet Sleeve -Wetroom Tanking

Aquaproof shower outlet sleeves are supplied in sheets with a fabric border (you can cut your own hole) for sealing into floor drainage outlet. We also provide a butyl tanking sheet for linear outlets.

Wetroom Tanking Outlet Sleeve

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