What Tanking Products Do I Need To Tank My Wetroom?

Having decided to install a wetroom, you then have some decisions to make regarding your choice of waterproofing / tanking products.

Aquaproof wetroom tanking products used for stylish shower area

Which of the many tanking products on the market should I purchase?

Always look for tanking products which has been certified as appropriate for the job and hold the CE approval marking (the logo will be displayed on the packaging but, if in doubt, email or call your potential supplier). By specifying a fully approved system such as Aquaproof, you can ensure your tanking is fit for purpose, has been rigorously tested to the highest standards and will provide trouble free results for years to come.

How do I know which waterproofing products I will need and in what quantities?

To know the precise amounts of material you will need, you must work out the exact area to be waterproofed. To help you do this, we have put together a Wet Room Materials Calculation Guide.

Should I buy all the wet room tanking products / waterproofing materials I need separately or in a kit?

Usually, the kits on the market represent better value than buying all the components separately, but you must check carefully the contents and quantities supplied in each kit you are interested in. The cheapest tanking kits may not represent the best value for money, they may contain smaller amounts of product than an apparently more expensive one and the products supplied may not be of the best quality – always check for the CE mark.

Depending on the size and configuration of your wet room installation you may find it best to buy a kit and then make up the difference with individual products e.g. buying two kits might provide you with extra joint reinforcing tape or pipe sleeves, and thus it would be cheaper to purchase the additional primer and compound separately.

If you do purchase items separately, make sure the same company manufactures them rather than mixing products.


​Follow these guidelines and you should avoid costly and time consuming mistakes but if you want any further advice please call on 01387 270252 and our technical experts will be very happy to help.

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