Shower areas at Bikram Yoga Studio – Canary Wharf

Having discovered a leak in the Men’s wet room area, Bikram Yoga Studio immediately called Aquatecnic to find them a suitable installer. The company had used Aquatecnic products previously, to resolve an issue in the Women’s showering area and knew the Aquatecnic Wetroom System was the best solution to the problem.

Diamond Interior Solutions were chosen as the Wet Room Installer and a Custom Shower Tray Former was designed by Aquatecnic’s Technical Advisor, Mike Carberry to fit perfectly in the available space.

Aquatecnic can produce shower tray formers of almost any shape or size – if it is physically possible to make they will make it. Each made-to-measure shower tray former was individually designed by an Aquatecnic Technical Expert and once approved, the formers were manufactured and on site within 10 days.

The Aquatecnic Shower Tray Formers are made from 24mm birch ply which provides a rigid and stable showering area and comes with excellent ecological credentials. The formers are coated with Aquaproof Tanking which is CE approved and has been rigorously tested for use in wet rooms.


The wet room was completed in June 2016 and recently the yoga studio have embarked on yet another wet room project using Aquatecnic products.