Advantages of a Made To Measure Wetroom Shower Tray Former

Wetrooms provide a relaxed and stylish showering environment but if you have an unusually shaped space or want the drain in a specific location (or even 2 drains) it can be a challenge to find an off-the-shelf Shower Tray Former which meets your requirements. Rather than just trying to make do with the nearest available size why not consider a made-to-measure wetroom shower tray former.

Made to Measure Wet Room Shower Tray Former

made to measure wet room shower tray former can be made to almost any unusual shape you desire, with the waste outlet positioned exactly to your specifications. Should you want a particularly large showering area this can be manufactured, as can formers with two or more drains. Whatever your formers shape, a properly designed made-to-measure shower tray former will incorporate a slope-to-falls properly configured to create the optimum water drainage. Even if your space is an irregular shape, by commissioning a made-to-measure former, you can achieve a perfect fit and be sure the finished former will have the strength and rigidity to give you many years of use.


Cost Effective Solution

A made-to-measure former may cost more than those available off-the-shelf, but the savings in labour costs can more than offset the extra cost of the former. A bespoke former can be designed to fit properly on existing joists with the waste outlet positioned to make connecting the pipework easy and avoid the need for extra work.

Choosing a Made to Measure Wet Room Shower Tray Former

When sourcing a made-to-measure wet room former look for:

  • a wet room former which can be manufactured to the exact size required.
  • waste positioned where required and slope-to- fall correctly configured for that waste position
  • former with a proven track record and guaranteed longevity
  • wet room formers manufactured from environmentally sustainable products
  • shower tray former which can be manufactured to a load bearing thickness suitable for usage requirements e.g wheel chairs, trolleys
  • former designed specifically for flooring type e.g. tiles, vinyl
  • drain grating which can be created to bespoke design
  • choice of drain/grating type i.e. standard square, linear or concealed wall

made-to-measure shower tray former can offer a cost effective solution to creating a wet room in difficult shaped space or when an extremely large former is required. If you need further help or advice contact us. We always have technical experts on hand to help.