How to Install a Wetroom – Video

This video takes you through each step involved in application of our Aquaproof products, teaching you how to install a wetroom: from planning your layout right through to the finished Aquatecnic wetroom. We hope you find it useful!

Steps involved in installation –

1. Use our material calculation guide to work out how much material you need for the shower area.
2. Apply Aquaproof Primer to the walls and floor.
3. Aquaproof tape is bedded into a freshly applied stripe coat of Aquaproof compound at all corners and joints.
4. Pipe sleeves are pushed over pipe entries and bedded into the fresh Aquaproof compound.
5. Shower outlet sleeves are bedded into Aquaproof Compound and dressed down into the shower outlet (between the outlet body and clamping ring).
6. Pre-formed corners are bedded into the fresh Aquaproof compound.
7. All tapes, corners and sleeves are overpainted with a generous layer of Aquaproof compound.
8. Finally, 2-3 coats of Aquaproof compound are applied to the entire area to be waterproofed.

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