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How to Tank a Wet Room

1. Applying Aquaproof primer

Walls and floor of wetroom are primed with Aquaproof primer.

Applying Aquaproof primer

2. Applying Aquaproof tape

Aquaproof tape is bedded into a freshly applied stripe coat of Aquaproof compound at all corners and joints.

Applying Aquaproof tape

3. Aquaproof pipe sleeve

Pipe sleeves are pushed over pipe entries and bedded into the fresh Aquaproof compound.

Aquaproof pipe sleeve

4. Aquaproof shower outlet sleeve

Shower outlet sleeves are bedded into Aquaproof Compound and dressed down into the shower outlet (between the outlet body and clamping ring).

Aquaproof shower outlet sleeve

5. Aquaproof Corners

Pre-formed corners are bedded into the fresh Aquaproof compound.

Aquaproof Corners

6. Overpainting

All tapes, corners and sleeves are overpainted with a generous layer of Aquaproof compound.


7. Apply Aquaproof compound

Finally, 2-3 coats of Aquaproof compound are applied to the entire area to be waterproofed.

Apply Aquaproof compound

All our Aquaproof tanking products are fully approved for use in wet rooms and carry a 10 year guarantee. Full details on our Wetroom Tanking shop page.